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Above you see on of Søren's designs - he is a bit shy when it comes to photography!

Below you see a finished kayak designed by Søren


The latest project on the berth before being turned - note the accent strips!

Who are we?

Søren and Peter are our names - and actually, we are old school mates, who have met over the common interest of building kayaks, canoes and other small craft - after not having any contact for many years. However, the love for boats and the water have run as a streak through both our lives -

From our own personal experience we know that there can be many obstacles to overcome when one takes on a project like boat building - even if it is a comparatively small vessel - mind you the amount of corners and bends on a small craft like a kayak - is just the same as on a bigger boat. Granted, the convenience is that a kayak can be a project suited for the garage or the living room for that matter - whereas a 32' sloop is not.

From childhood Søren and I have sailed - dinghies, wind-surfers, catamarans, sail boats etc. - but funnily, enough we both independently centered in on kayak building - and perhaps it is the beauty of the small scale building - that eventually produces a beautiful kayak or canoe to launch that gives us the same pleasure as if it were a bigger boat - others may reason that we cannot afford the bigger boats. - Ultimately, whatever the reason - as long as we thrive and enjoy the kayaks and canoes - we find it interesting to share and learn more - and we assure you that if you embark on what we term the "Zen of Kayak building" - please be aware that you may be stuck with the 'paddle-bug' for life - but do come along!

If you should wish to contact us you can e-mail us at:

Peter S. Jørgensen, Skippervej 3, 7120 Vejle Ø - +45 75 71 17 72



Peter, on the trial run of his North Star - note the inuit paddle used for balance. (see center column below)

A view of the North Star at a leisure paddle stroke - note the rocker! - Copyright 2005 -