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The epoxy resin and hardener is well stored in nice dispensers which are very easy to use.

Please note that the pumps are not measuring pumps - we weigh off the resin and hardener!

We recommend that you buy enough resin, hardener and fillers for one project and avoid smaller packages -since the cost is drastically reduced the bigger amounts you buy - and stored properly epoxy will last long!

For ordering the quantities necessary for a kayak or canoe, we can only recommend our supplier CTM Materials who are very helpful with advice and guidance.

CTM  even have a UV resistant epoxy, slightly more expensive, but very strong - and this means that you can avoid using PUR varnish. Please contact them for detailed product advice:




There is a multitude of highly professional suppliers that will gladly assist you with your project so please understand that this list is by no means exhaustive, only a list of contacts that we have found useful!

When embarking on a project, naturally, you will, like us do so with a view to the cost and therefore we will recommend that you contact us to get a pricing on the strips, and we will make a quote for you based on the kind of wood you would like, and the design of your liking - but if you share these details with us, we can guarantee that your intial price for strips will indeed be a fair one.

The strips we use are both cove and bead strips, plus full edge strips, and the proportion of each should be based on the individual design + of course your preference. If you would like contrasting feature strips, we may also help you with a choice of wood.

Also we can point you to good sources for drawings and literature on the building process - (Please see the links page) and below

The epoxy and cloth used for the covering of the hull and deck, are possibly the largest single cost in a project and here we can recommend:

CTM GmbH, Heinrich Hertz Str. 38, 24837 Schleswig

(Mainly deals in epoxies, varnishes, form materials like balsa wood and foam and also supplies gelcoat finishes for those interested in a gelcoat surface - please contact for closer details)

Teleph.: +49 (0) 46 21- 95533  e-mail:


HF Marine, Gotlandsvej 6, DK 5700 Svendborg 

(Representative of the West System, For information on the West System please contact them to obtain the very extensive information booklet on their products - it is a good source of technical advice.)

Teleph.: +45 45 66 20 13 12 - e-mail:

MasnedÝ Marine Center A/S, MasnedÝvej 4, DK 4760 Vordingborg 

(Very large supplier of everything from expoxies to varnishes and fittings etc.)

Teleph.: +45 55 35 40 00 - Web:



Please note that the epoxy resins and hardener are not themselves protected against the UV light from the sun so when you come to the fun part of varnishing your kayak then be sure to use a varnish with UV inhibitors - A good idea is to you ask your supplier of epoxy what they recommend:

Here you see a sample of cove and bead cedar strips 'hugging' the station - however, soon on this kayak full edged strips will do nicely - and for decks we hardly use C&B strips




The cloth we use is 200 grams bias cloth suited very well for kayaks and canoes and gives a very nice clear look to the finished boat!







When varnishing a good tip is to use also a foam brush for the last finish - since this ensures a very smooth surface - Also works well when filling the glass cloth with epoxy! - Copyright 2005 -