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The Sid Skiff - One of Gary Larkin's display models! More to be seen at: 







While working with the strip-built kayaks - and doing classes for interested builders, we have compiled a list of interesting links that you may want to investigate for yourselves -

If you would like to draw our attention to a new interesting link then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will add the link given to us.

Please forward your link to:

Interesting kayaking sites:

Here is are some brand new Danish sites worth looking at:

Havkajakken & Friluftsliv ApS Karetmagervej 19 A / 7000 Fredericia / 75954433  /

(Here is something for those interested in the Greenland kayaks)

(The above address has design programs that can be downloaded)

(The above address has a description of a complete building flow)


Building Resources - Gene Scarl will build your strip canoe or kayak for you from one of our kits if you don't have the time or space to do it yourself.. - Judy and Edgar Kleindienst and Jenn Burns created a great video as they built their Panache kayak. You can get the video from us or from them. - Joel Gilbert and Eric Watson are in the process of building an Adirondack Guideboat. - John Michne has a lot of great ideas, techniques, and advice. - Chad Durren's pictorial essay of his Endeavour construction. - Bernhard Wunder's evolving Bob's Special project.


Canoe & Kayak Designers - Hans Friedel designs kayaks and canoes in Sweden. - Compumarine can supply rowing and motorized strip designs. - Bill Low builds some very lightweight skin on frame kayaks and is usually in attendance with them at the Newfound Rendezvous. - Feather Canoes, Sarasota, FL, Mac McCarthy Jason Designs, Branford, CT, Jay Babina - Guillemot Kayaks, Glastonbury, CT, Nick Schade - Laughing Loon, Greenfield, MA, Rob Macks - Aeneas Originals, Kalispell, MT, Ben Louden


Paddles - David and Peggy Mitchell make outstanding paddles in Canaan, New Hampshire. - Ray Wisner inlays veneer to create heirloom quality canoe paddles, Hebron, New Hampshire.

Something on how to carve an Inuit paddle


Maritime Things - I build classic sea chests, sea captain's ditty boxes, tool chests, and display models of lapstrake work boats from the 1800s. The sea chest signature dovetails and pins are hand cut producing a unique set of dovetails and pins for every chest.


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Beautiful chest made by Gary Larkins - do give yourself the treat of looking at Gary's  site! - Copyright 2005 -