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A question to our readers???

Right now the kayak below is being finished...

Right now the sister to the canoe shown below is ready for test paddling...

If you would like to own one of these nice hand crafted vessels - Well, we are just a phone call or an e-mail away!

Even if you pass on the offer, what's there to stop you from owning your personal stripper???


We hope that you have found inspiration at our site to pursue a project of your own and since we continously work with many aspects of small boat building - we would be very happy to share some of our findings with you - or even help you make the necessary strips or panels for your kayak or canoe.

Please note that there is generally not just one correct way to go about this - nor just one type of boat that is the correct one - But there is always the correct boat for you and the best way for you to make it!

In our experience most people go through a series of steps involving a possible design, a cost-estimate and eventually an evaluation of whether one has the necessary skill or time - in order to complete the project - and in any of these phases we will be happy to be in a dialogue with you. - Should the outcome be that you prefer to buy a new, ready-made kayak or canoe - well, then dialogue has not been in vain!

Eventually, as we complete and make other projects - we shall try to put these on the site, and we can only stress again that we will be very appreciative if you have ideas or thoughts that you would like to share with us and other fellow kayak and canoing enthusiast!

For initial contact please mail to: or phone: +45 75 71 17 72

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