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Welcome to the Skippersstrippers website! - A site for interested kayakers and paddlers with a dream of eventually building their own kayak or canoe.

In this day and age - we hold the perception that as a counter balance to industrial mass produced items, people long for things of beauty that stand out from the run of the mill!

Most people will shy away from a comparatively extensive building process, yet the old saying that the elephant can be chewed a piece at the time will hold true also in the case of building your own kayak or canoe. This said, today's epoxy resins, good glues and varnishes have given us the means to produce wonderful and individual boats - yet durable and with a minimum of up-keep.

However, since all beginning may be difficult the intention behind this site is to create a forum for those interested in building strip-built, Stitch 'n Glue and Hybrid kayaks or even a canoe or rowing boat. You may already have a design of your choice, but lack the information as to where you get hold of the materials at affordable prices - and here we have spent some years investigating various options - and will gladly share our findings with you.

If you are interested we can also aid you in making the necessary strips, we can aid you in finding a suitable design and give hints to the building process as you go along. - In turn you may want to share your findings and possible building hints with us and others!

Please observe that this site is being built whilst we also build our kayaks, so since building is our main focus - the site cannot always be up-dated with the latest - however, our aim is to revise and up-date the site on a regular basis.

Should you be interested in strips, design ideas or learn more about the building process, then please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail:








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